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Thursday, 02 February 2017 15:35

Job Title:   Camp Social Skills Director
Description:   This is an 8 (full time) week summer residential position @ www.camp-sequoia.com. We serve twice-exceptional young men on a modern prep school campus. The position involves working with multiple staff to provide meaningful 1:1 and small group social skills development for our campers.
Job Type:   fulltime
Start Date:   06-06-2017
Qualifications:   Experience working with kids, patience, clinical expertise or training appropriate to our populations.
How to apply:   Please call 610-771-0111 or email office@camp-sequoia.com. We have staff and a winter office in the Shenandoah Valley and would be happy to meet with candidates face to face.
Company Name:   Camp Sequoia
Address:   1200 Kiln Drive
City:   Harrisonburg
Zip Code:   22801
Company Website:   www.camp-sequoia.com
Contact Name:   Brian
Contact Phone:   Lux
Contact Email:   office@camp-sequoia.com
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