Twenty-six contestants submitted essays for the Linda Heacock Memorial Fellowships.  The 26 contestants, two male and 24 female, represented nine different graduate schools.  ODU had nine contestants, George Mason eight, and Marymount and Virginia Tech had two each. Also represented were JMU, Bellevue, Argosy, Capella, and Regent, each with one contestant. With a maximum of 15 points, scores ranged from 14 to 5, with the median being 9.  We appreciate each and every submission, and hope that each of you learned something about yourselves and the profession.

Judging required extra time.  While the original three judges all agreed on one contestant as a recipient, they each had a different candidate for the second scholarship.  There was surprising consistency in our top three candidates, but each judge had a different first place candidate for the remaining fellowship. We then brought in four additional judges from our Executive Committee to review the top three essays.  In a squeaker, one candidate achieved three first place votes and the others two each.

Our winners are:



  • Hannah Bayne (Old Dominion University)
  • Eve Montavon (George Mason University)


Honorable Mention goes to:


  • Ricshawn Roane (George Mason University)
  • Ruthie Weiglein (Old Dominion University)


The Executive Board will be contacting the winners in regard to giving them their fellowships. We will also be writing up an account of the contest, with our scoring rubric, in our next newsletter. If our winning authors agree, we may be able to publish their essays as well. We look forward to next year’s fellowship contest, but hope that you will make the most of your student membership in the interim. As a member you will be receiving occasional e-mails regarding education opportunities and legislative/advocacy issues that come up.  Our Board is also eager to understand how we can be of even greater service to our student members, so don’t hesitate to contact Board members with your ideas. Warmest regards from the Board!

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